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Put your trust in our hands for all your Home Inspection needs. We are here to help “REDUCE” your financial risk in the home-buying process. We want your home-buying experience to be a pleasant one.


If you are thinking about selling your home, it may be wise to order a pre-sale home inspection. You can avoid the last minute surprises by a prospective buyer’s inspection and added expenses that can delay and/or derail a deal altogether. Your best solution as a home seller is to have a thorough inspection done prior to putting the house on the market. This allows you to resolve any issues or adjust the price of your home accordingly before they become a problem in negotiating a deal.


Buying a home can be stressful. We want your home buying experience to be a pleasant one. We hope to provide some relief by exposing deficiencies and other finding in the home prior to closing. This process can be overwhelming but RELAX. Don’t get yourself emotionally attached to the home until you’ve seen it through the eyes of your home inspector.

Warranty Inspections

Builders provide you with a 1 year warranty after residing in your newly built dream home. It is critical to have your home inspected by the 11th month of the warranty to provide you time to address any issues with your home builder. When you’re in the 11th hour, have your home inspected and hold the builder accountable.

Wood Destroying Insect Report

Your future home needs the benefit of a Certified Professional with a TRAINED EYE and 30 years experience in the industry. Keep in mind we’re not just looking for termites. We are looking for all wood destroying insects along with any conducive conditions that make it favorable to having an infestation. Having this inspection is a small price to pay for a lot of peace of mind. We pride ourselves on giving you honesty above reproach. So you can rest assured that we only report what we find. There are two types of homes in Texas…those that have termites and those that will eventually have termites. It is treatable and its not a deal breaker.

Thermal Imaging Inspections

Thermal Imaging/Infrared can and will identify issues that the naked eye cannot see; such as, moisture intrusion, energy loss, potential roof leaks, poor ventilation, and even unexpected hot spots. The FLIR Thermography Camera creates an image based on temperature differentials that will indicate present deficiencies.  It can be used to find electrical faults in the panel to see which fuses are using a higher load.   


What Is A Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of the current condition of the home, typically done in connection with the sale of a home, conducted by a Certified Professional Home Inspector with a trained eye, experience, and knowledge to perform such inspections. A home inspector will evaluate all the major components of the home and help you get to know the home before you make that investment.

A home inspection will reveal  the current condition and any possible issues, and even some sneaky cover-ups, so you can make an informed decision before buying or selling the home. Don’t get yourself emotionally attached to the home until you see it through your inspector’s eyes. Your Home is Your Castle! 



Put your trust in a Fort Worth Home Inspector performing your Home Inspection that has a proven record of knowledge and experience in not only the 
Inspection business but the treatment of your potential new home, building,
warehouse, shed, playground, etc. Home Inspections is my passion in life.
Partner with me to enjoy a Professional and enjoyable home buying experience. 

The fear of the unknown concerns with the property and the cost associated
with the same are the future home owners greatest concern. That is why our ultimate goal for our clients is to uncover the unknown, remove the fear of the associated costs and make the purchase of your new home a relaxing, satisfying and rewarding experience. Not sell you on everything else to get the Inspection. We are here to remove some of the financial risk in the home buying process..

We  Pay Attention to Details

 For most people, your biggest asset will be your home.  The best way to safeguard your investment and feel comfortable in your new home is to have Professional Home Inspection.

You get the added benefit of experience and knowledge. We’ll also pay particular attention to the details. We notice when things don’t look right. I’m a Generalist Not a Magician… But I Can Spot a Cover-up When I See It. 

 Your home inspection won’t find every thing but I know how to look for things because I have a keen eye for detail.

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